Our taxi service in Lake Charles include a long list of services.

AIRPORT transportation

taxi service in Lake Charles


We can pick you up from your house or hotel in Lake Charles and drop you off at the Lake Charles Regional Airport for only $10/$15.

If you are not in Lake Charles don’t worry we offer a flat rate of $46.20 a hour..

We can also handle your transportation needs to airports outside the Lake Charles area.

other Taxi SERVICE in Lake Charles we provide

Let us be your designated driver for the night. Whether you are club hopping or just trying to play it safe. We allow you to rent us by the hour or you can call every time you are ready to be picked up.
We pick up and drop off to any hotel or motel in the area.
We can deliver your packages, legal and important documents, or pick up and deliver your food for you.
For those who plan on using our services on a regular basis, we offer a VIP pass. $100 gives you 21 in town rides. Or a 50% discount on your out of town trips.