[mp_row] Are you looking for a flat rate cab in Lake Charles? We offer competitive rates both in town and out.
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INSIDE OF Lake Charles:

Pick up and drop off : (For up to 3 passengers) - $10.00

OUTSIDE OF Lake Charles:

Pick up and drop off: (For up to 3 passengers) - $0.85 per min + $0.17 per mile


Additional passengers: (First 3 Passengers are free) - $5 for each additional passenger. Passenger amounts are limited to the seating in the vehicle.

Additional luggage:(First 3 bags are free) - $1.00/Per

Additional stops: If you need to make additional stops your rate will change to the out of town rate, $0.85 per min + $0.14 per mile.

Wait time: $0.85/Min. No charge for the first 10 minutes.

Cancel a pick up: $5.00

No show (Driver arrives and you do not take the ride:) $10.00

 *Please note: All rates double during Thanksgiving, Christmas , and New Years Eve.


  • All major credit and debit cards.
  • Cash
  • flat rate cab in Lake Charles
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All credit/debit card orders are subject to a 10.75% sales tax.

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